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Hash InspectorIntroduction

The MD5 hash algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function, typically expressed in text format as a 32 digit hexadecimal number to verify data integrity. Because of its shorter, the hash is often stored in the file name itself.

The Hash Inspector makes complex databases superfluous because the program compares a fresh calculated MD5 hash with the hash stored in the filename.

The Hash Inspector scans a single directory or multiple drives for MD5 hashes noted in the filename. If a potential hash is found the MD5 hash for the file is calculated and compared to the hash value in the filename. If a hash mismatch occurred the file is displayed in red. Files with a matching hash are displayed in green.

To speed up the detection you can use a file extensions white- and blacklist.

Hash Inspector - Screenshot

Console window concept

The main (or console) window is the place where everything happens. This window was designed to look like a classic display device for system administration messages with black background and white fixed typo. The reason for choosing this design was that this kind of view is very suitable for programs that process files and it is well known by PC users. It features a configurable display memory where you can browse through using a scrollbar or the keyboard.

The programm will save the current window position and the content of the main window at program exit and will try to restore it on restart. The window is fully sizable, even if a process is running. The visible text sentence of file links is selectable. Double-click the link with the left mouse key to start the associated program.


The program will run straight out of the box, no installation required, no system libraries or system preferences are altered. It is truly a so called "portable application" and can be carried on a USB stick, for example. The Hash Inspector is freeware and runs on Windows Vista/7/8/10 only.

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I am committed to providing quality, bug-free software. If you experience any problems with my software or find any bugs, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please provide a detailed description of your problem. Be sure to include which operating system you are running and the current version of the program.

C/C++ Speed

The Hash Inspector was written in true, pure, lovely C/C++, accessing the Win32 API directly, with no use of MFC code and no libraries required. For this reason, the processing is extremely fast.

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