Welcome to finefiles Software

Welcome to my redesigned page for finefiles. The pages have been rewritten in HTML5 and made ready to be shown on Smartphones and Tablets (so called "Responsive Webdesign"). I hope, you'll like it!

Since the first release of the original finefiles program in 2012 I've got new ideas for new products, so the development of software for Windows and Android will continue under the new name "finefiles Software". Because of that my program "finefiles" will be called "finefiles file processor" in the future, all pro-features will be enabled by default. Please stay tuned for the 3.07.0 release of the file processor soon.

Reporting bugs

You can contribute the development by reporting any problems you find in the software or this new webpage (in particular, I am grateful for any advice that is related to my English here). To do so please use my contact page. Your help with reporting bugs will be highly appreciated.


All products are freeware at this time. Please donate if you want to support the development and to help pay for hosting charges. Thank you in advance!

File Shortcut Inspector

The File Shortcut Inspector is ideal for fast identification of shortcuts with broken links. The Inspector scans a directory (including subdirectories) for .lnk files. For each of these files the shortcut target is reviewed: if it is valid (found) the file is displayed green, if not red.