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News November 2016: All products have been updated to run on Windows 8/10. Webpage update.

File Shortcut Inspector

Fast identification of shortcuts with broken links on multiple drives

The File Shortcut Inspector is ideal for fast identification of shortcuts with broken links. The Inspector scans a directory (including subdirectories) or multiple drives for .lnk files. For each of these files the shortcut target is reviewed: if it is valid (found) the file is displayed green, if not red.


Hash Inspector

Check the MD5 hash noted in the filename, no database required.

The Hash Inspector scans a directory for MD5-Hashes noted in the filename. If a potential hash is found the MD5 hash for the file is calculated and compared to the hash value in the filename. If a hash mismatch occurred the file is displayed in red. Files with a matching hash are displayed in green. The Hash Inspector makes complex databases superfluous.


You can contribute the development by reporting any problems you find in the software or this new webpage. Your help with reporting bugs will be highly appreciated.